I’m now a Tegra Developer (more or less)

My Tegra RDP (Registered Developer Program) has been accepted by Nvidia. Now I can access to the Tegra development documentation and tools… yum… yum! Within few minutes I’ll download the Tegra 2  Technical Reference “Mega Monster” Manual (about 1400 pages) as a summer night reading …. LOL!! Bye… cya next post!

EDNS issue in BIND9 logs

Today, in one of my servers,  I’ve noticed in the syslog a lot of  “named’s” records complaining about a ‘reduction of … bla bla … EDNS UDP … bla bla …’ here is the text :  “… after reducing the advertised EDNS UDP packet size to 512 octets” Googling around I’ve found here something that […]

Gotcha! My new TI Launchpad!

Today has arrived this nice piece of hardware to my home. I’ve bought it on 15 of may and now it’s in my hands.   TI Launchpad is a very cheap development tool, useful for beginners (like me) who want to start programming with the Texas Instruments MSP430 Microcontroller series.   The package which has […]

Experimenting Android x86 vs Sugar Desktop

Recently one of my colleague, gave me 3 old dismissed PCs , after speaking about shortage in IT assets in the school of my little daughter. He gave me those PCs in order to refurbish them. The PCs come without operating system. This presented an interesting challenge to me because I don’t want install a […]

Google SketchUP 8 on Linux! (packaged)

This is the first world-wide attempt to make a “perfect” port of a Windows application to Linux. I like a lot Wine and I’m grateful to its developers, I think they are great programmers. My attention to the possibility to make a sort of Wine portable application has started by using CrossOverOffice and then PlayOnLinux. […]

Firefox Ovunque

Lavorate in una azienda dove gli ottusi ed arretrati amministratori di rete* o uno sprovveduto datore di lavoro vi obbligano ad usare Intenet Explorer ? Bene, da questo link è possibile scaricare la versione portabile di Firefox in italiano, questa versione funziona anche se sul pc non avete i diritti amministrativi. Basta “installare” l’eseguibile scaricato […]

Chi garantisce il software ?

Stavo leggendo i nuovi articoli sul blog di pollycoke e di rimando mi sono imbattuto in questo commento, che si interroga in merito a temi filosofico-religiosi legati all’open source. In questo breve post, ha catturato la mia attenzione il discorso in merito all’uso in ambito mission-critical dell’open source. Tralasciando il doscorso specifico del mission-critical, dove […]