About 20 years ago…

I was sixteen My parents bought me the Amiga 1200 My HI-FI passion has began “Ace of base – waiting for magic” was one of the Summer Hits Linux kernel 0.01 was released

CUPS update made me crazy!!!

Situation snapshot : Workplace Ubuntu Desktop USB label printer A custom software written by me in C in order to drive the printer An angry colleague   The incident : the colleague : “What’s happened today, I remember friday I’ve printed some label with it!” me : “I dont know… may be the printer is […]

Sssst! ARM server at work…

This is a shot of my (unfinished) home server mounted on a door of the false ceiling over the little access room. This server is up and running 24/7 and still in hard development. Following services are available inside and outside (through the Web) my house : – File server SFTP/SMB/UPnP – DVR Server using […]

Google SketchUP 8 on Linux! (packaged)

This is the first world-wide attempt to make a “perfect” port of a Windows application to Linux. I like a lot Wine and I’m grateful to its developers, I think they are great programmers. My attention to the possibility to make a sort of Wine portable application has started by using CrossOverOffice and then PlayOnLinux. […]

Firefox Ovunque

Lavorate in una azienda dove gli ottusi ed arretrati amministratori di rete* o uno sprovveduto datore di lavoro vi obbligano ad usare Intenet Explorer ? Bene, da questo link è possibile scaricare la versione portabile di Firefox in italiano, questa versione funziona anche se sul pc non avete i diritti amministrativi. Basta “installare” l’eseguibile scaricato […]