A short review of the ZOPO ZP500 aka HDC HERO H8000

Well, Friday I’ve received this china-phone and now I’ll write some first impressions.


I’ve bought it from Sunsky and payed whit PayPal. I’ve choosed  china-post to save some money, delivery time were not a priority for me. Everythig goes fine, after 2 day I’ve got my tracking number and started to monitoring from the traking web site.



Shipped from Sunsky the 23th of  July and arrived in Italy the 1st of August then stopped at the Italian Customs. After over a month has arrived by post a form for customs declarations, and in the 10th of August I’ve sent back by FAX all documentations. At the end the phone has arrived the 21th of September.


The phone

Fortunately customs operators have handled with care the phone, I’ve read in some forums about someone got its device damaged. I’ve open the box, a nice box, and I’ve pulled out the phone. Yeah, a very nice phone, good materials and robust feeling. Inside the box there are 2 batteries, one low-quality screen protection film, one good looking headset, the USB cable with a wall plug USB charger.


The display

I’ve quickly put the battery inside the phone an I’ve started to charge it. After a little while the phone has booted. Well giving a look at the display I immediately realized how its display is very impressive. Good colors and high luminosity. In the following days I’ve made some tests with the following results :


– definitely brighter than the Sumsung Galaxy i9003 (not AMOLED)

– slightly brighter than the Samsung Galaxy S2 AMOLED

– brightness similar to the HTC HD2

– Good black and good colors as a the aboves phones (obviously except for the S2)

– Good visibility also under direct sunlight!!


– The phone suffer of screen tearing, I’ve saw also on one of youtube promo video of this phone before the purchare. I think it’s only an firmware issue of the H8000,  because watching the promo videos, seems that  in the ZP500 there isn’t


Android interface

Yes, very fast, unthinkably fast, more close to the S2 than the others. All the interface is in Italian, every thing works prefect exept the market : for a number of applications it says the phone is not compatible. A simple solution is to install one of the numerous alternative Market or directly dowload the application from Internet.



Photos and videos are almost good, sadly, with the camera stock software compared with the Galaxy S, the phone looses, but I’ve found 2 applications which can handle deeply the cameras parameters and is possible to improve a lot the quality, but for now I’ve not redone a comparative test. Two softwares are : Camera FV-5 for photos and lgCamcorder for videos (don’t use lgCamera,  the camera freezes and it’s necessary to reboot the phone).



I’ve not done an extensive test but seems lasts as competitors. e.g. one night with the Wi-Fi on has consumed about 15% of battery, a night in standby with all switched-off consumed a quantity less than the 1%


Video playback

High quality videos from YouTube run well, but 720p videos from others sources not always or not completely will run fluid. Ok, most of the times, only if you’re a finicky you will notice the jerkiness, but with the MOV is very noticeable. Full HD’s are not playable.

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