Google SketchUP 8 on Linux! (packaged)

This is the first world-wide Tongue Out attempt to make a “perfect” port of a Windows application to Linux. I like a lot Wine and I’m grateful to its developers, I think they are great programmers.

Sketchp For Linux on Youtube

My attention to the possibility to make a sort of Wine portable application has started by using CrossOverOffice and then PlayOnLinux. Thaks to it I’ve discovered the great potential of modifying ‘wineprefix’ environment variable. By using that variable it’s possible to make a Wine sandbox whatever you want, with inside only the right settings and libraries needed to play a specific Windows software flawlessy.

At a later time, searching for various informations about how to optimize Wine, I’ve got a big quantity of possibilities, but I’ve realized that usually peoples will be discouraged to apply every time all fixes to every application they have to install.

By mixing those informations I’ve made an effort to glue together  WINEPREFIX modification and optimizations. At the end I’ve managed to build the first “Wine Portable Application” (WPA).

Wine Portable is a directory which contains Wine runtime, scripts and the ‘prefix’. Applications are launched by a main script so that the execution will be completely ‘sandboxed’. A WPA can moved to an external hard drive and executed from it.

At a certain point I’ve decided to go ahead and try to build a .deb package whith all bells and whistles. Well my first attempt was made by porting Google SkethUP.

Recently i used to play a lot whit it. This piece of software is very impressive and after a little training period I’m definitely falling in love of it.

This is a short video demonstrate how it works very well from the installation to the use.

I managed to build a very good and stable set of packages whereby is possible to install and use this software in an almost a perfect ‘linux-destkop’ integration.

This is a list of packages I’ve made :

– sketchup (main build)

– a localization package for each available language

– layout ( doesn’t work for now )

– style builder ( doesn’t work for now )

– V-Ray – 30 day-demo ( HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYA!! )

– LibFredo6

– RoundCorners2

Sadly and obviously I cannot officially distribute this packages, I’ll ask to Trimble if I can setup a repository or something similar.


2 thoughts on “Google SketchUP 8 on Linux! (packaged)

    • I’m not having enough time in this period but I’m working to a more modular solution with a kind of grabber for non free files from a real installation in order to build locally the extra package(s) with not freely distributable files

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