My DIY CNC is taking form.

It’s about 4 month I’ve started to design and build my first (and dreamed for a long time) CNC. After looking at various project on the Web, I’ve got the necessary skill to try to design and build my own machine. I’m not sure it will works well when finished to build, but this is […]

About 20 years ago…

I was sixteen My parents bought me the Amiga 1200 My HI-FI passion has began “Ace of base – waiting for magic” was one of the Summer Hits Linux kernel 0.01 was released

CUPS update made me crazy!!!

Situation snapshot : Workplace Ubuntu Desktop USB label printer A custom software written by me in C in order to drive the printer An angry colleague   The incident : the colleague : “What’s happened today, I remember friday I’ve printed some label with it!” me : “I dont know… may be the printer is […]

Sssst! ARM server at work…

This is a shot of my (unfinished) home server mounted on a door of the false ceiling over the little access room. This server is up and running 24/7 and still in hard development. Following services are available inside and outside (through the Web) my house : – File server SFTP/SMB/UPnP – DVR Server using […]